What To Do When Your Site Gets Hacked Part 1

What is WordPress cloning and why is it a very useful tool? Most people think that this is a shady technique for duplicating sites to garner more link love and rankings, and while that may have been accurate (and useful!) This is an entirely different endeavor.

In my view, the best way to make sure that your that is secure your wordpress site is via using a WordPress backup plugin. This is a relatively inexpensive, elegant and easy to use way to be sure your site is available to you in the event of a disaster.

It's not uncommon for sites to be hacked by a person today. Actually, even domains get hacked. If you aren't a programmer or a programmer, there is not any way that you will actually understand anything. This is the reason why a number of the men and women who do not know anything wind up if there are any ways to protect investments and their websites from such hackers, thinking.

1 thing you can take is to delete the default administrator account. This is important because if you don't do it, malicious user know a user name which they could try to crack.

So what's hop over to here the best way? Out of all the possible choices that are available today, which one is right for you personally and which route should you choose?

Do your homework and some hunting, but if you're pressed for time and need to get this done once and for all, try the WordPress safety plugin that I use. It is a relief to know that my site (and company!) are secure.

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